Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Ep. 117 – Siddhi Ma & The Essence of Maharaj-ji

Krishna Das shares stories of Siddhi Ma and taps into the essence of Maharaj-ji in another chanting-forward Heart Space session.

Krishna Das shares stories of Siddhi Ma and taps into the essence of Maharaj-ji in another chanting-forward Heart Space session.

In this Hanging Out in the Heart Space session from May 13th, 2021, Krishna Das offers chants to the Divine Mother and Sri Hanuman-ji, answers a stream of questions about his guru Maharaj-ji, uncovers the before-hidden power and love emanating from Sri Siddhi Ma, and further taps into the essence of Maharaj-ji.

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Chanting to the Divine Mother // Maharaj-ji Inquiries

Opening the episode with some music and chanting, Krishna Das pulls out the ektara to sing a powerful and haunting bhajan to the Divine Mother. From here, he pulls questions from the digital audience inquiring about what he sees in his dreams (Ram Dass in a WWII tank, if you were wondering…), if Maharaj-ji (Neem Karoli Baba) had anything to say about Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), Maharaj-ji’s connection to Ramana Maharshi, where Maharaj-ji did his early sadhana, and what Maharaj-ji’s lineage was.

“Maharaj-ji used to say, ‘Sab Ek – All One.’ So any kind of discussion about this stuff is simply philosophical and intellectual. Once you realize that you gotta get your shit together and calm your mind and learn how to be a good human being, all that other stuff…big deal…there’s no need to try to understand it.” – Krishna Das 

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The Essence of Siddhi Ma // God & Food (28:01)

Krishna Das offers insight into Siddhi Ma—the roll she played in helping the devotees after Maharaj-ji dropped his body, the devout way she took care of Maharaj-ji’s temples, the way her essence of love was truly merged with Maharajji as one, and how she was one of the greatest Saints that ever lived. Next, he talks practice and grace, what books inspire him, hardships and guru, Jesus and ego, Maharaj-ji and miracles, India and satsang, and if God wants you to be vegetarian.

“Siddhi Ma was extraordinary. She was the essence of love. She had great strength, and whatever she said happened, happened. She was completely totally absolutely merged with Maharaj-ji, and surrendered to him the same way Maharaj-ji was surrendered to Hanuman, surrendered to Ram. She had merged her separateness in his oneness, his essence.” – Krishna Das

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Chanting to Hanuman (56:56)

From here, Krishna Das stations himself behind the harmonium to lead the chant ‘Om Hum Hanumate Namaha’ and brings the session to a close with a bounding Hanuman Chalisa – a 40 line chant to Sri Hanuman-ji.

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