Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Episode 04 – Equanimity, God, Chanting And Love


Krishna Das responds to questions on a variety of topics including equanimity, faith in God, energy, and awareness through chanting, and the eternal presence of love.

He also touches on ‘spiritual materialism’ and offers some advice when searching for an environment in which to practice.

Hang out and chant along with KD in high definition video from the comfort of your own home for an entire evening of over 3 hours of live music, including tracks from KD’s album Kirtan Wallah as well as classic old favorite chants! Watch the trailer, purchase or rent via Vimeo HERE.

“I don’t think about those things. I don’t know who Shiva is. I don’t know who Shakti is. I don’t know anything about any of that stuff. I just sing. Maybe things come thought while I am singing. But I am singing, they can come and they can go. I’m not concerned with knowing anything. I’m concerned with being in that loving presence all the time. “

Photo via Flickr