Krishna Das – Ep. 85 – The Sun of Love and Awareness

sun of love and awareness

Krishna Das explores how the sun of love and awareness arises in our hearts through spiritual practices such as chant and meditation.

The Sun of Love and Awareness

Krishna Das answers a question about the difference between romantic love and the unconditional love he felt around his guru, Maharajji. He talks about how ‘real love’ is always present, we just can’t see it all the time. Through spiritual practice, we can connect to the sun of love and awareness.

“Being with a being like that lets you enter into that room where the real love lives. And that’s within us, it’s not outside. But, because we think it’s outside, we get attached to the different forms of people. I got very attached to Maharajji’s body, and I suffered terribly when he disappeared.” – Krishna Das

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Darkness and Shadows (24:16)

Krishna Das explores how Maharajji’s love changed everything for him, including his perspective on romantic relationships. He talks about how it did not obliterate his darkness and shadows, but helped shine a light on them.

“You start to accept all the parts of your life a lot more easily, all the shadows. You know, the shadows, if we don’t see them, they just keep pushing us around. And they don’t go away by themselves.” – Krishna Das

The Lineage of Hanuman (33:40)

Krishna Das answers a question about his deep connection to the Hanuman Chalisa. He tells the story of first learning the Chalisa to appease Maharajji, who is part of the lineage of Hanuman. In the end, it doesn’t matter which chant we use, what’s important is commitment and heartfulness.

“Hanuman is the ability to overcome all obstacles, to break all attachment, to remove suffering, remove calamities from our lives, all the stuff that keeps us back, obstructs our path. And the Hanuman Chalisa invokes the presence of that love.” – Krishna Das

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sun of love and awareness

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