Krishna Das – Ep. 82 – Ripening the Heart

Krishna Das - Ep. 82 - Ripening the Heart

Krishna Das touches on some of the finer points of mantra practice, offering guidance that new and experienced practitioners alike will find useful.

Ripening the Heart

Why do so many choose mantra and chanting as doorway to the heart? Krishna Das reflects on the ripening of the heart that happens through the repetition of the names of God. Reminding us of the ways that we grow through spiritual practice – when we put the work in.

“It is through repeating these names, the names of God, everything is made full and complete. It is a ripening process. When the sun comes out, it ripens the fruit. That is what this is.” – Krishna Das

Ram Nam Karne Se Sab Pura Ho Jata (14:00)

Krishna Das speaks of his experiences in India and what it was like sharing his kirtan with the masses in India for the first time. He speaks to the nuances of practicing with sacred sounds, offering advice on how to avoid some of the traps of the ego that might arise.

“This practice is very much done with people. In India, many times, it is a call and response chanting of the name. It is not enough to sit in the corner of your room and get high on some mantra or some meditation practice. It is a nice hit, but believe me – that is not going to make it.”

Jai Jai Jai, Hanuman (57:30)

Krishna Das closes the show with a chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa.

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Krishna Das - Ep. 82 - Ripening the Heart

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