Krishna Das – Ep. 77 – The Art of Mindful Connection with Sharon Salzberg

Krishna Das - Ep. 77 - The Art of Mindful Connection with Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg joins Krishna Das on the Pilgrim Heart Podcast for a reflection of the art of mindful connection.

Where Our Identity Lies

How do we relate to pleasure or pain? Sharon and Krishna Das talk about the opportunity for practice offered by difficult experiences. Looking at how this form of mindful awareness us deeper levels of resilience and compassion.

The Art of Mindful Connection (16:00)

Sharon speaks about moving the focus of our lovingkindness practice from ourselves into the outside world. She looks at the importance of appreciating our interconnectedness to others.

“Our lives are about relatedness. This how we spend our days. So what is the quality of that?” – Sharon Salzberg 

The Return (22:15)

Krishna Das speaks to the power of the return to awareness in contemplative practice like meditation or chanting.

“The more aware we are in those moments, the quicker we can then come back to the center of attention.” – Krishna Das

Love Your Enemies (34:55)

Sharon speaks about finding love for those who hurt us. She and KD examine the idea of forgiveness and breaking the habit of anger. She and Krishna Das answer questions from their live audience around opening our heart and working with our spiritual practices.

“If we look at our own lives, we can easily see many instances where we have hurt others. Looking closely we can see that it mostly came out of our own suffering. You begin to see that other people have done exactly the same. We are not that different from them.” – Krishna Das 

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Closing Chalisa (1:05:30)

Krishna Das and band close the show with a soothing Hanuman Chalisa.

Krishna Das - Ep. 77 - The Art of Mindful Connection with Sharon Salzberg

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Images via Elena Gorelik and Sharon Salzberg