Krishna Das – Ep. 76 – Connecting with Your Practice ft. Sharon Salzberg

Krishna Das - Ep. 76 - Connecting with Your Practice ft. Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg joins Krishna Das live at Kripalu School of Yoga. Together they answer questions about spiritual practice and navigating our spiritual path.

Hanuman Junkie

Krishna Das talks about the power of the Hanuman Chalisa. He speaks about Hanuman’s nature of devotion and non-duality. Looking at how we can bring the qualities that Hanuman represents to our own lives. What was Neem Karoli Baba’s connection to Hanuman?

“You could say that Hanuman is that part of us that is always turned towards reality – towards the truth. When we move in that direction, the things that push us around on the outside lose some power. Because we are no longer invested in fighting with those things from the same level that they exist on. As soon as you let go of a lot of the emotion around issues, it gets easier to deal with them.” – Krishna Das 

Connecting with Your Practice (14:10)

How can we bring wakefulness and balance into our meditation? Sharon offers perspective to those who find themselves falling asleep while practicing meditation. She addresses the conflict that arises when we do not connect with the practices we are engaged in.

“I can be with the breath and ooze along for a long time before I realize it or I actually fall asleep. If you do a more intricate practice like Lovingkindness, which is verbal, it tends to be a much quicker feedback system.” – Sharon Salzberg   

Finding Enlightenment at Home (31:00)

Is there anything special that a person is going to get from their spiritual practice by going to the East to study the way that KD and Sharon did? KD and Sharon talk about growing through practice no matter where in the world you find yourself to be.

Lama Surya Das shares a talk on the possibility of finding truth and freedom right where you are at on Ep. 73 of the Awakening Now Podcast
Jai Hanuman (40:15)

Krishna Das closes with a performance of the Hanuman Chalisa.

Krishna Das - Ep. 76 - Connecting with Your Practice ft. Sharon Salzberg

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