Krishna Das – Ep. 75 – Repetition of the Divine Name

Krishna Das - Ep. 75 - Repetition of the Divine Name

This time on the Pilgrim Heart Podcast with Krishna Das, we take a lesson on the practice of repeating the many names of the divine.

Repetition of the Divine Name

What does the repetition of the names of God have to offer in return for our practice? Krishna Das looks at what happens in our lives when we make the effort to turn our attention towards God through chanting.

“What we are trying to do is retune our awareness from the outside world. The world we experience through our senses. Which is interpreted by the subjective programs that are running inside of us.” – Krishna Das 

The Return (7:40)

Krishna Das talks about the inevitable moment when we lose focus while we are singing or chanting. The words might be coming out of our mouths, but our minds are gone. KD reflects on one of the most important actions in the practice chanting – or any practice – the realization that our minds have wandered and the return to the moment.

“The idea is by repeating these names, we move towards that deep place inside of us by letting go of the outside stuff. Because when you are singing, you are supposed to be paying attention, but most of the time we are not. We are thinking about all kinds of stuff and we are barely paying attention.” – Krishna Das  

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Krishna Das - Ep. 75 - Repetition of the Divine Name   Krishna Das - Ep. 75 - Repetition of the Divine Name   Krishna Das - Ep. 75 - Repetition of the Divine Name

Images via Krishna Das and Chantlanta