Krishna Das – Ep. 70 – The Blessing of the Name

Krishna Das - Ep. 70 - The Blessing of the Name

Krishna Das shares a reflection on how we can clear our thoughts through the repetition of a mantra and the blessing of the name.

Show Notes

The Sky of Consciousness (Opening) – Krishna Das reflects on the way that the practice of chanting clears the thoughts that cloud our perception. He looks at what Hindu and Buddhist tradition has to teach us about what clouds our consciousness and how we can maintain a clear view.

“The practices of chanting and meditation are all about the same thing, extracting us from that constant storyline running 24/7 that we believe. Why do we believe that storyline?” – Krishna Das 

The Blessing of the Name (21:15) – What happens when we begin to practice with mantra? Krishna Das looks at the blessing of the name that begins to unravel with practice.

Discover teachings from 14th-century saint Nam Dev around the transformative blessing of the name on Ep. 67 of the Pilgrim Heart Podcast

A Practice of Letting Go (38:35) – Krishna Das talks about his own practice and why he chants.

“We always have this option, once we become aware of it. We always have the ability to release.” – Krishna Das

A Special Kind of Love (50:30) – We close with a question about love in relationship to being a parent. KD shares from his own experience and looks at how our relationships change from incarnation to incarnation.

Krishna Das - Ep. 70 - The Blessing of the Name

To love ourselves, we must know ourselves. To love one another, we must know one another. But our assumptions, distractions, fears, expectations, and personal sense of unworthiness obscure these kernels of truth. As William James wisely explained, “Our view of the world is truly shaped by what we decide to hear.”
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