Krishna Das – Ep. 67 – No Mantra Beyond the Name

Krishna Das - Ep. 67 - No Mantra Beyond the Name

Krishna Das shares verses from 14th-century Indian poet and saint Namdev that provide insight into the transformative power held in the name of God.

Show Notes

No Mantra Beyond the Name (Opening) – Krishna Das introduces the life and teachings of Namdev, who taught the possibility of using the repetition of the many names of God as one’s sole spiritual practice.

“The all-pervading nature of the name can only be understood when one recognizes one’s own ‘I.’ When one’s own name is not recognized it is impossible to get the all-pervading name. When one knows one’s self, then one finds the name everywhere.” – Namdev

Listen to more conversation from Krishna Das around the repetition of the many names of God on Ep. 6 of the Pilgrim Heart Podcast  

The Sound in Silence (09:10) – We look at the way in which the repetition of God’s different names act as a through line connection between all religious traditions and sects.

“When thoughts cease we are in silence. In silence, we hear the name, the true name; which Saint John of the Cross calls The Son. That the connection between The Father and us – the name.” – Krishna Das

No Place But Now (22:50) – Ramana Maharshi once said that every experience we undergo in this lifetime has been ordained, except for this moment. Krishna Das speaks with his live audience about reincarnation, predestination and staying focused on the quality of our actions at the moment.

Krishna Das - Ep. 67 - No Mantra Beyond the Name

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