Konda Mason – Brown Rice Hour – Ep. 5 – Micah Daigle is a System-Nudger

Strategist, Designer, Writer, & System-Nudger, Micah Daigle, joins Konda to explore reimagining our systems around what makes us come alive.

Strategist, designer, writer, & system-nudger, Micah Daigle, joins Konda to explore reimagining our systems around what makes us come alive.

Micah is a designer and movement builder working to redesign our world to work for everyone. He started his career advocating against the racist war on drugs as the executive director of Students For a Sensible Drug Policy, before shifting from working against the existing system, to creating better systems. As a designer, he’s worked on software tools like Asana and Hackpad, helping millions of people collaborate. As a campaigner, Micah crowdfunds projects like Impact Hub Oakland, and as a strategist, he’s helped dozens of founder teams clarify their purpose, story and voice. Micah is part of an emerging movement to redesign the foundations of our society and is currently focused on forming land-based collectives to experiment with new and ancient ways of living together. For more info, visit micahdaigle.com

Crowdfunding Connections, & Liquid Democracy

After experiencing a brown rice comfort food synchronicity, Konda and Micah share how they met through an Impact Hub Oakland crowdfunding campaign. This sparks a deep dive into the catalysts which guided Micah onto the path of activism, strategy, design, technology and reimagining our systems to work for the collective. He offers the example of ‘liquid democracy,’ which gives much more freedom, volition, and power to the individual in the voting process, strengthening the connected whole.

“I got really interested in this idea of, ‘What could a new governance system look like? The one we’re using now is centuries old,’ so that started this career path of learning design and technology.” – Micah Daigle

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What Makes You Come Alive? (16:19)

If you didn’t have to worry about struggling for your basic needs to be met, what would you do? Deep down, what truly makes you come alive? Micah shares the convergent mission that he and all of his collaborators hold – a mission based around freedom and liberation from old, skewed systems. With his collaborative projects, he hopes to build new systems designed to unlock each human to their fullest potential, their deepest, personal reason for being alive on this planet.

“How can we create the context where people don’t feel coerced to work on stuff they don’t care about? How can we create the context where people are completely liberated to do exactly what they would do if they didn’t have to worry about how they’re gonna pay rent or pay for food?” – Micah Daigle

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Setting an Expiration Date (30:46)

After tapping into the current zeitgeist of resistance, redesigning, reimagining, and recreating in regards to the current systems in place, Konda and Micah examine the idea of setting expiration dates on all of our models. Discussing the reality of impermanence, they explore how building death into the systems could save us from living within outdated models which no longer serve us, and create space for dynamic and constructive reimagining.

“One of the innovations of life is that something should not persist forever, because that’s how systems evolve and change. Within the human body, we have cells that come and go, and when there is some sort of mutation that happens that makes cells want to live forever and hoard resources, we call that cancer. So when you look at a lot of our human systems, they are not built with death into the system.” – Micah Daigle

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