Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 88 – Relative Truth Versus Ultimate Truth

Joseph Goldstein answers questions about relative truth versus ultimate truth, how compassion is related to Metta, dealing with hurtful people, and much more.

Relative Truth Versus Ultimate Truth

How can we integrate mindfulness practice into everyday life? What is the value of longer retreats? Joseph answers a variety of questions from retreat participants at the Insight Meditation Society. He talks about relative truth versus ultimate truth, and how that applies to the nature of thought.

“Our practice is the union of the relative and the ultimate. It’s not like they’re two separate things, it’s the same phenomena seen from different levels.” – Joseph Goldstein

Lama Surya Das explores finding truth and enlightenment at home in Awakening Now Ep. 73
Metta and Compassion (20:58)

How important is it to meditate in a group setting? What does the notion of dispassion really mean? What is the relationship between Metta, or loving kindness, and compassion? Joseph explores how compassion practice is specifically addressed to suffering beings.

“The dispassion is not about disengaging, it’s about not getting hooked in this self identity, the identification with experience, which is a limitation.” – Joseph Goldstein

Love, No Matter What (43:00)

How do we skillfully share insights from our mindfulness practice with others? What does the term ‘heart-mind’ mean? How do we deal with and forgive hurtful people in our lives? Joseph talks about reaching a mindset of ‘love, no matter what’ and how it’s a very open, spacious place to inhabit. 

“The fundamental sharing [of practice] is how we are, rather than what we say.” – Joseph Goldstein 



Image via Oliver.zs