Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 71 – Factors of Awakening: Concentration Pt. 1

joseph goldstein concentration

In the first part of his talk on the nature of concentration, Joseph Goldstein explores the two different types of concentration and why it’s so important to develop this factor of awakening.

The Windless Flame

Joseph begins the talk with a description of concentration, which comes from the Pali word samadhi. He explores the two different meanings of samadhi, and how these two types of concentration can be developed.

“So, samadhi means the particular factor of one-pointedness. It also means, more generally, meditative states of concentration on various levels.” – Joseph Goldstein

Four Developments of Concentration (18:28)

Joseph moves on to a reflection of why it’s so important to develop samadhi. He shares four developments of concentration from the Buddha, and cautions not to get attached to any of these pleasurable states.

“Concentration is the basis for the deepening of wisdom that leads to liberation.” – Joseph Goldstein

Many Paths, Many Practices (40:50)

Joseph talks about various insight practices that can be done using both types of concentration, Jhanic absorption and momentary concentration. He reflects on how different paths can get us to the same place, and how it’s important not to get attached to one particular practice.

“There’s this easeful quality even in the unpleasant times, and it all is born from this factor, this strengthening of samadhi, of concentration.” – Joseph Goldstein

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joseph goldstein concentration

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