Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 70 – Factors of Awakening: Tranquility


Joseph Goldstein examines the quality of tranquility, how we can apply it to our practice, and the very central role it plays in the Buddha’s factors of awakening.

The Chain of Sequential Development

Joseph opens the show with a recap of the first four of the Buddha’s seven factors of awakening. He talks about the sequential development of these factors, how each factor leads to the next in a very natural way.

“So based on mindfulness, based on investigation of what’s skillful and unskillful, based on the energy of making the commitment, based on the joy, the rapture, that comes from having made that commitment, it’s like we plant a flag, with steadfastness and with courage, in the field of right action.” – Joseph Goldstein

Peacefulness of Mind and Body (17:39)

What does it mean to be truly calm? Joseph explores the awakening factor of tranquility and calmness, and how we cultivate it by paying attention to the sensation when it arises. He reflects on ways we can apply calmness both to our meditation practice and when we’re moving about our daily lives.

“The Pali word for calm is Passaddhi. It can be translated as serenity, as calm, as tranquility, as composure. It’s the soothing factor of mind that quiets down disturbances, and it manifests both in the mind and the body as peacefulness or coolness.” – Joseph Goldstein

Abandon Desire (41:42)

Tranquility is often overlooked as a factor of awakening, but it’s of vital importance. Joseph explores how when tranquility is developed, desire is abandoned. He talks about tranquility as the conditioning force for concentration to arise in an easeful way. Joseph ends the show with a discussion of tranquility’s direct link to clear seeing and wisdom.

“It’s precisely this awakening factor of calm that has the function of cooling out the desiring mind. Tranquility has the power to abandon desire.” – Joseph Goldstein

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