Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 51 – Entering the Heart with Metta Meditation

metta meditation

This week on the Insight Hour podcast, Joseph looks at the nuances of Metta meditation practice.

50 Shades of Metta

In its most simple expression Metta meditation, also known as Lovingkindness, is the wishing well for people. This wishing is not done in hopes of anything in return, but simply for the sake of developing our natural capacity for well-wishing. Joseph talks about why we would practice this meditation and explores the nuances of Metta.

“Metta is really a simple quality of a wishing well for people. The most simple expression of it is, ‘May you be happy.’ It is not wanting anything back, it’s just the development of that capacity for well-wishing.”

Components of Lovingkindness (12:50)

Traditionally there are three components of Metta practice – understanding the subject of our Metta, the expression of our wish and the emotional feeling we send with it. Joseph discusses these components of Metta and what they look like in practice.

Mal-Practice (20:15)

As much as stories about what Metta looks like can help us in our understanding of its practice – it is equally helpful to learn a little bit about what Metta isn’t. Joseph looks at things to avoid during this meditation and ways we can play with our approach to find what works for us.

A Practice of Love (24:10)

Joseph guides us through a Metta meditation. He walks us through one of the easiest objects to practice Metta on – a loved one.

“Keeping the person in mind, as an image or a felt sense, express what you most wish for them. Notice what it feels like when you are most connected to that loving wish, what is that feeling like?”
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Image via Jorm S