JoAnna Hardy – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 72 – The First Foundation of Mindfulness

JoAnna Hardy returns to the BHNN Guest Podcast to give a dharma talk centered on the first foundation of mindfulness – the breath and the body – and offers some instruction on practicing mindfulness meditation.

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The First Foundation of Mindfulness

JoAnna begins with some basics about mindfulness. She talks about the first foundation of mindfulness, the breath and the body, and how much of the practice is about remembering to come back once we’re lost in thought. JoAnna gives some basic instructions for preparing the breath and the body for meditation practice, and leads a brief meditation.

“The point of the practice is not for us not to think, the point of the practice is for us to have a relationship to that thinking, and also to have the ability, the capacity, to come back, to remember where I am right now.” – JoAnna Hardy

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The Four Postures for Practice (22:30)

JoAnna gives more instructions for meditation practice. She covers the four postures for practice: sitting, standing, walking, and lying down. She introduces the concept of the walking-meditation and talks about why it’s a very useful way to take mindfulness practice out into our everyday lives.

“When we’re practicing on the cushion, it’s not so we get to be great meditators, it’s so that we can then carry our practice into our lives.” – JoAnna Hardy

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