JoAnna Hardy – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 57 – From Delusion to Wisdom

In this dharma talk, JoAnna Hardy breaks down the three levels of delusion and explores how we can move from the grogginess of delusion to the bright light of wisdom.

From Delusion to Wisdom

JoAnna starts with a definition of wisdom, and how it informs every aspect of our being. When we start to examine wisdom, we must also examine what blocks it. She talks about how delusion can be almost seductive, but when we don’t see clearly, we take the surface illusion of things to be reality.

“I have a lot of respect for this young generation that’s coming up, because of all that they hold, and how deep their wisdom is because of it.” – JoAnna Hardy

Sharon Salzberg explores the cloud of delusion on Metta Hour Ep. 22
The Three Levels of Delusion (21:00)

JoAnna digs into Abhidhamma, which is the mental phenomenon of how the mind works in Buddhist psychology, to dissect the three levels of delusion. We all experience all three levels at different times, but practice can help us cut through the delusions.

“It really challenges our habits to pay attention to delusion, and that’s where this mindfulness can really tether us, it can anchor us, it can keep us in place, if we really pay attention.” – JoAnna Hardy

Cause and Effect (35:58)

JoAnna explores the bright light of wisdom, which encompasses Wise View and Wise Understanding, and why cause and effect might just be the greatest of teachers. She ends with the story of a very wise orangutan and how we hold the key, or paperclip, to our own liberation.

“When I look at wisdom, and us as practitioners, I feel like it’s our responsibility to really know what we are living in and participating in.” – JoAnna Hardy

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