Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 97 – The First Noble Truth

First Noble Truth

Jack explores the concept of dukkha, which is the Buddha’s First Noble Truth, and how we can open our hearts to all the joy and suffering of our incarnation.

The Mystery of Incarnation

Jack reflects on opening to our own lives and the mystery of this incarnation. He talks about how the Buddha came up with the Four Noble Truths as a way to look honestly at human existence.

“The point isn’t to become a Buddhist – spare your friends and family – but to become a Buddha. To find that unshakable part of a Buddha, and that spacious awareness within yourself.” – Jack Kornfield

Two Kinds of Dukkha (12:03)

Jack introduces the First Noble Truth, that there is dukkha, or suffering. He talks about the two kinds of dukkha, and offers some tools to work with our humanity on both a physical and mental level.

“Then there’s a whole, huge other category of dukkha, that is the suffering that we make as human beings because we can’t bear our humanity, we can’t bear the way things are. So we get frightened about it, we build fortresses and put guards around them, and we get greedy because we think we’re going to lose everything, which we are.” – Jack Kornfield

Joseph Goldstein investigates the source of dukkha on Insight Hour Ep. 31
The Little Things (28:34)

Jack talks about all the small ways we can change people’s hearts. He reflects on meeting both the joy and suffering of life with an open heart, and ends the show with a guided meditation.

“Our practice is an invitation to meet the mystery of dukkha. The First Noble Truth, that is part of our life, and beauty and joy and freedom. To meet them with an open heart, the great heart of compassion, which is your Buddha nature.” – Jack Kornfield

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