Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 121 – Reflect on Gratitude

Reflect on Gratitude

In this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack shares poems and stories to help us bask in the wonder and mystery of life, meet cosmic pain with compassion, and reflect on gratitude.

Generosity and Goodness

How do we best reflect on gratitude and the things we’re most thankful for in our lives? Jack begins by exploring how there are billions of acts of generosity and goodness taking place each day, and that we are tending to each other as human beings. He talks about a practice that expresses lovingkindness and gratitude for this beautiful mystery of life on Earth.

“In a moment, we can shift our identity and step out of what’s called the body of fear. We can release what we’ve carried when we were, as we can be, so loyal to our suffering, and become something bigger.” – Jack Kornfield

Ram Dass teaches us about imagination, faith, and gratitude in Here and Now Ep. 100
Cosmic Pain and Compassion (14:25)

Jack explores how we can quiet ourselves down through practice, remember our true nature, and receive what life offers with a sense of gratitude. He talks about what cosmic pain is, and how it needs to be met with compassion, not self-pity. He shares stories of initiation rituals, and how the fatigue of despair can be turned into the buoyancy of hope. 

“We all have our initiations, if we accept them.” – Jack Kornfield

Reflect on Gratitude (28:46)

Jack talks about the difficult situation we find ourselves in these days, with suffering seemingly all around us. Humanity is at a crossroads, but we’ve been training for this difficult time for many years. He asks us to reflect on gratitude and what gives us trust in these difficult times. We can trust our good hearts, especially when we get quiet and listen.

“Maybe, maybe, out of our political gridlock and suffering, some new capacities will be born out of this dark night. Maybe we’ll move from independence to interdependence; from self-centeredness to thanksgiving.” – Jack Kornfield


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