Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 118 – Right Effort and Loving Awareness


Jack Kornfield explores how the Buddhist concept of Right Effort is about the effort to be present and bring more loving awareness to ourselves and the world around us.

Right Effort

What is Right Effort? Jack explores how Right Effort is simply about the effort to be present in each moment, which is itself an act of love. He talks about how this effort to be present helps us bring more loving awareness to our bodies, hearts, and minds.

“This wise effort, if you will, the effort to be present, could also be called an act of love, for it invites us to show up for this life with open arms, open awareness, and an open heart; to see what’s true in our own bodies and minds and the world around us. And by becoming present with love, we discover it is the gateway to freedom and liberation.” – Jack Kornfield

Joseph Goldstein explores the nuances of Right Effort on Insight Hour Ep. 83
We Are Love Itself (8:25)

Jack talks more about bringing loving awareness to our own hearts and minds, and how we can deal with difficult emotions as they arise. He shares stories that demonstrate how we are all truly love itself.

“When you realize that the effort needed to tend the heart isn’t to change it or fix it, that you don’t need heart surgery, you need the attention of love.” – Jack Kornfield

Rest in Love (16:58)

Jack shares a story about what it means to rest in love. He talks about how our relationships all need loving attention, and how we can see the secret beauty behind the eyes of everyone we interact with. We can all bring this loving awareness to the world at large by asking the question, “What would love have me do today?”

“When you understand how to practice this wise effort, this love, then you realize that this is what matters.” – Jack Kornfield

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