Jack Kornfield – Ep. 86 – Entering with an Awakened Heart

Jack Kornfield - Ep. 86 - Entering with an Awakened Heart

In this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack shares what the story of the bodhisattva Vimalakirti can teach us about meeting the difficulties of living with an awakened heart.

Show Notes

What Good Is Imagination? (Opening) – Jack opens by asking us to imagine what is possible in our human incarnation if we were to enter into every situation with an awakened heart.

“Even in the most difficult times, it is possible to see something much bigger. We need to be able to envision another world. A world that is not ruled as much by greed or hatred or fear. It won’t change until we envision this. ” – Jack Kornfield

Turning Towards Hard Times (17:25) – In the story of Vimalakirti, The Buddha sends his students to care for the bodhisattva whose life’s goal was to inspire the best in others. Jack unpacks what Vimalakirti’s life story has to teach us about turning towards the awakened heart in the most difficult of times.

Reconciling Form and Formless (32:20) – How do we balance the non-grasping of the formless with the responsibilities of our human incarnation? We hear the Buddha’s teaching about balancing form and formless with humility.

“What level do you want to dance on? As Ram Dass says, ‘You need to remember your Buddha Nature and your social security number.’ You kind of have to hold them both in your heart at the same time.” – Jack Kornfield  

The Seeds We Tend (38:45) – Why put ourselves out there on the line, like Vimalakirti, when we are not guaranteed a change for the positive? Jack looks at the seeds we plant with our every action and what happens when we continue to sew them.

“Vilmalakirti teaches that when you plant seeds, the world responds.” – Jack Kornfield

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It’s never been more true that change is the only constant in our lives. Every day, millions of people grapple with situations that were unimaginable just one generation ago. And the pace of change is not slowing: on the contrary, it’s speeding up. So how do we, creatures of habit that we are, learn to navigate in an environment where nothing remains stable?
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