Gil Fronsdal – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 44 – Liberation

gil fronsdal liberation

On this episode of the BHNN Guest Podcast, Gil Fronsdal explores the concept of liberation as a process of fading away so that we can be fully present in each moment.

The Journey of Liberation

Gil Fronsdal introduces the concept of liberation, which he defines as a process of fading away or letting go, like a clenched fist that releases into an open hand. He talks about the journey of liberation that is the 12 steps of dependent arising.

“Remember, this is a journey to arrive where you already are, but to see where you are in a deeper, clearer way. It’s a right of initiation where the present moment is a sacred spot.” – Gil Fronsdal

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Nibbana (26:32)

Gil reflects on nibbana, which is a total release, a complete fading away, that leads to a profound and meaningful absence. He talks about how when the process of liberation gets deeper, it allows us to meet each moment in life with an open heart.

“A big part of the art of this practice is learning how to leave things alone, leave it be, stop spinning things. Stop spinning stories, stop spinning desires, stop spinning aversions, stop spinning fear, stop spinning notions of self.” – Gil Fronsdal

A Profound Goodness (43:08)

Gil explores the last step of dependent arising, which is reflecting on the knowledge of what you’ve been liberated from. He ends the show by talking about what freedom means in Buddhism. 

“It’s helpful to recognize what’s faded away, what’s been let go of, even if it’s just temporarily. In the knowing what’s happened, it kind of reinforces the value of it. It lets it sit in, it becomes a nourishment.” – Gil Fronsdal

gil fronsdal liberation

As we grow farther and farther away from childhood, the demands and stresses of life increase. We forget the power to say yes to what delights our heart and soul, makes us feel alive, and brings us peace. But in order to live a present, joyful, and fulfilling life, we must remember.
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