Francesca Maximé – ReRooted – Ep. 46 – Musical Healer with Warren Wolf

Multi-instrumental musician, Warren Wolf, joins Francesca to celebrate the transformative nature of joy, music, authenticity, discipline, and the creative spirit.

Multi-instrumental musician, Warren Wolf, joins Francesca to celebrate the transformative nature of joy, music, authenticity, discipline, and the creative spirit.

Warren Wolf is a multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, MD. From the young age of three years old, Warren has been trained on vibraphone/marimba, drums/percussion, and piano/keyboard. Under the guidance of his father Warren Wolf Sr., Warren has a deep background in all genres of music. He is a faculty member at Peabody Institute and teaches part-time at the San Fransisco Conservatory of Music. For more information on Warren, among music and other offerings, visit

Pandemic & Music: From Live Shows to Livestreams

Speaking to the difficulties inherent in the pandemic pertaining to the music industry, and group gatherings in general, Francesca shares that some respite for not being able to go out and see music in a live setting, has been the livestream events put on by talented performers like Warren. Marking Warren’s Livestream with the Emmet Cohen Trio as a cathartic, healing warmth to her winter, Francesca invites Warren to share how he has flowed with the intense change over the past year.

“It’s been an honor to continue to play music during this pandemic. It’s very important for me to continue to play to give people some type of normalcy, just to keep the music going.” – Warren Wolf

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Positive Attitude: Gratitude, Joy, & Appreciation (10:18)

Highlighting Warren’s natural positivity; namely his intrinsic ability to radiate gratitude, joy, and appreciation–not just through his music, but through his being–Francesca asks him the secret to exuding such a blissful quality of attitude. Warren, a father of five, explains that his interactive family life and focus on healthy lifestyle plays a major role, as well as spreading the love forward, putting out as much positive, hope-infused content online to help uplift people, like his Francesca-approved release Gang Gang.

“I try to keep music going and keep people happy, because I’ve talked to so many people that are down and bored. I try to uplift people. I try to get on social media and post videos, ‘Hey, guys check this out!’ See if this brings you some type of positivity, some type of hope.” – Warren Wolf

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Practice Makes Perfect: Musical Healer (21:52)

Invited by Francesca to share about his music-steeped childhood, Warren recalls long, intense music practice sessions with his father, starting from a very young age, and ranging many instruments and styles. While, at the time, he yearned to play with toys, he recognizes the skillset and discipline he was gifted through this focused, determined practice and training. Sharing his family background and upbringing, Warren highlights his path of love, before they dive into racial justice talk, and share more music.

“People, when they get home from work, they want to release from the day. Our jobs as musicians is to entertain them, take their minds away from that. My message to anybody that comes to see my show, or purchases my music, is for you to get a sense of release or comfort from hearing what I have to say to you. Yes, I know I’m a musician, but I’m more of a healer. I just want to make people feel good.” – Warren Wolf

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Photos via Warren Wolf Music