Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 16 – Factors of Enlightenment

Factors of Enlightenment

Our fundamental wakefulness can be described by certain qualities of enlightenment that speak to our inherent nobility. It is in the remembering of these factors that we can taste the freedom of reconnecting with the openness and luminosity of mind that is our true nature. Mindfulness is the seed from which all other qualities can grow.

Episode Outline:

What Mindfulness Tells Us – We live in a world of change, yet there is an awareness that allows, without getting lost in it.
Sit (In the Sacred Presence of Your Life) – We notice, and we expand.
Emptiness (Is in the Moment) – Requires courage, to find freedom where we are – this is the real effort.
Saying Yes (To What is Given) – Tend to the moment and allow it to breathe – it’s never the end of the story.
The Dignity in Willingness (To Look).
Natural Joy – Pleasure is found in the spectrum of what life has to offer.
Concentration (Watering the Garden) – The capacity to be present without distraction – it’s an art that can be learned, but is also a natural discovery.
Peace is Possible – The invitation of awakening is to step out of the battle, to stop the war.
Equanimity (Become the Mountain) – Come to rest in that which is timeless – We come alive in the ground of being.

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