Ethan Nichtern – The Road Home – Ep. 38 – The Truth of Interconnection with Sharon Salzberg

truth of interconnection

Sharon Salzberg returns to The Road Home for a conversation with Ethan Nichtern around how the coronavirus pandemic has revealed the truth of interconnection and interdependence.

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The Truth of Interconnection

How is the coronavirus pandemic revealing the truth of our interconnection as humans? Ethan and Sharon check-in from quarantine about these amazing times we’re living through, and the powerful role spiritual practice can play in reinforcing our connection to everyone.

“I think the extra suffering that is happening now is born out of a sense of disconnection. You know, there’s the other, and they don’t count.” – Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg explores responding to suffering in the time of the coronavirus on Metta Hour Ep. 120
The Faces of Interdependence (13:32)

Ethan and Sharon discuss how the pandemic is changing our cultural norms and how we view different roles in society. They explore the different faces of interconnection and the mixing of Buddhism and politics. Sharon talks about her upcoming book, Real Change, and how grateful she was for the chance to add a preface to address the current situation.

“I find it a really strange time, in that the familiar similes and metaphors aren’t necessarily holding true. I feel sometimes it’s almost like culture shock for me.” – Sharon Salzberg

Balancing Service and Self-Care (35:09)

Ethan asks Sharon the age-old question of how we can balance self-care with helping out other people, especially in this time of great need. Sharon talks about how her health crisis last year forced her to consider some fundamental life changes. Ethan asks about the place of optimism in today’s world, and Sharon shares what it truly means to be realistic.

“Really, when you think about being realistic, it means you’re in alignment with the truth. And I think, depending on one’s proclivities or tendencies, there’s a way of not being optimistic enough… There are also ways, of course, of being attached to hope.” – Sharon Salzberg

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truth of interconnection


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