Ethan Nichtern – The Road Home – Ep. 1 – Lisa Weinert

Ethan Nichtern - The Road Home - Ep. 1 - Lisa Weinert

Lisa Weinert joins Ethan Nichtern to introduce The Road Home podcast. They talk about applying Buddhist teachings to our modern lives.

Lisa Weinert created the debut annual Narrative Medicine program at Kripalu in June 2016. Motivated by the healing and transformative power of storytelling. Lisa is certified in both restorative and therapeutic yoga with Jillian Pransky. There she learned how we all carry stories in our bodies. Learn more at

Show Notes

Getting Free in the 21st Century (Opening)

Ethan introduces his secular approach to practice that looks at the way Buddhism intersects with 21st-century life. While also respecting the traditions of the practice. He and Lisa Weinert talk about the effect of our cultural narratives on our spiritual practice.

“We often pretend that an ancient spiritual master, like the Buddha, just discovered things completely separate from a cultural or political environment. He did discover and live universal truths, but the way to discover universal truths is actually to understand your own time and place – which means understanding your own cultural story.” – Ethan Nichtern   

Changing Lenses (8:15)

We look at how personal stories and pop culture can be transformative in the same ways that sacred texts can be. Ethan and Lisa talk about the importance of transparency in relationships and in spiritual practice.

“I don’t think there is any one problem or one solution. It is really more about being open to what your moment by moment experience is, which is the definition of mindfulness. When you look at mindfulness you could really translate mindfulness as transparency. What is happening in your own mind is becoming more transparent to you. ” – Ethan Nichtern     

An Individual Path (17:40)

Ethan shares the experience of discovering his identity. And a personal relationship with spiritual practice in a family of prominent Buddhist practitioners. He talks about his goal of bringing Buddhism to younger generations with his teaching, writing and efforts like The Interdependence Project.

“My friends and I in college, and afterward, were struggling with our minds and our nervous systems. Several really close friends suffered manic episodes as a result of bipolar and so many others who were depressed about who to be in the world. I realized that these teachings had helped me a lot in a heartbroken state, but most young people were not receiving them.” – Ethan Nichtern

Awake in the World (38:10)

Lisa and Ethan talk about the importance of engaging with the world while on the Buddhist path, rather than living an insular life. They discuss the intersection of Buddhist practice and social activism.

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