Dr. Robert Svoboda – Living with Reality – Ep. 27 – Sight, Fire, & Possession Pt. II

Building from the previous episode, Dr. Svoboda offers insight into the positive, negative, and nuetral forms of possession we experience throughout our daily lives.

Building from the previous episode, Dr. Svoboda offers insight into the positive, negative, and nuetral forms of possession we experience throughout our daily lives.

Introducing the second part of this illuminating discussion on the senses, sight, fire, & possession; host, Paula Crossfield, sets the stage, opening the curtains to reveal Dr. Robert Svoboda mid Dharma talk in the atmospheric setting of Costa Rica in 2018. Click the link to listen to Part 1.

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Possession & Perspective // Chariots For Bacteria

Drawing a distinction between positive, negative, and nuetral forms of possession, Dr. Svoboda helps us shift our perspective by tuning our attention to life through the lens of the ancient and fundamental life form; bacteria. This quick flip likening humans and other living creatures to ‘chariots for bacteria’ offers the vantage that we are actually possessed by bacteria for their motives. From here, he gives examples of parasite possessions within the whole of the animal kingdom.

“Changing our perspective, what we could argue is that, in fact, all life on earth has been—and is being—directed by bacteria for their own convenience. Because really, from one perspective, we are nothing but a big and very complicated, and highly opinionated set of chariots for bacteria.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

Dr. Robert Svoboda elucidates sight, fire, and possession in Part 1 of this talk, on Ep. 26 of Living With Reality
Interconnected Influence // Addictions, Ancestors, & The Astral (19:30)

Sharing on the myriad influences which possess us beneath the surface of what we think is singularly “my own” decision, Dr. Svoboda, sheds light on the physical possession phenomenons of microparasites, elements and metals in the body, and addictive relationships to things like alcohol, phone screens, maté, and the (prana-sucking) internet. Changing lenses to the astral plane, he explores possession from subtle beings and spirits, relaying the immense benefit of ancestor worship.

“There are all kinds of different poisons that take people over and start to drive them around like little ants, or mice, or whatever. This is why my Mentor who liked to drink scotch always said, ‘If you’re drinking,’ (and he meant if you’re taking any substance or performing any action), ‘you always need to know whether you’re drinking it, or it’s drinking you.'” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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Language as Possession // Guided Possession Practice (38:01)

After offering insight into Bhuta Vidya—the branch of Ayurveda with deals with the knowledge and the mind—Dr. Svoboda describes language as a far-reaching and impactful form of possession. Bringing the talk home, he shares on the nuances of these ‘hidden in plain sight’ possessions: emotions, diseases, diets, exercise, and actions. To close the session, he leads a potent guided breathing meditation, visualization, and mantra practice focused around possession. Om Namah Shivaya!

“When in doubt always return to your breathing, or return to the fire, or return to the sound of running water.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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