Danny Goldberg – Ep. 6 – Rick Jarow

Rick Jarrow

Rick Jarow, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Vassar College and is the author of the books “Creating the Work You Love, and“The Alchemy of Abundance.”He is a pioneer of the “anti-career movement,” who integrates an awareness of many spiritual traditions with the pressures of day to day Western life.

At age 19, Rick left Harvard University and traveled for seven years throughout Europe and India. This pilgrimage is partially recounted in his first book, “In Search of the Sacred. At age 26, he returned to the West to complete a doctoral program at Columbia University, where he received a Ph.D. in Indian Languages and Literature and in New York he became also a student of Hilda Charlton for many of the years when I also attended Hilda’s meetings and mediations.


Photo via Rick Jarow