Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 96 – The Emotionally Healthy Child with Maureen Healy

Maureen Healy

Author Maureen Healy visits The Indie Spiritualist to talk with Chris Grosso about her book, The Emotionally Healthy Child, and how we can help children process emotions in a healthy way.

Maureen Healy is an award-winning author, speaker, and leader in the field of children’s emotional health. Her new book, The Emotionally Healthy Child, gives adults the ideas and strategies they need to help their children. Maureen also writes a popular blog for Psychology Today, which has reached millions worldwide. You can learn more about her at and

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Positive Emotional Health

Chris welcomes Maureen and asks her to share how she got on this path in life. They discuss her latest book, The Emotionally Healthy Child, and how she defines positive emotional health in children.

“What are emotions and how do I help my children handle them in a healthy way to move them in a happier direction?” – Maureen Healy

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Three Simple Steps (16:12)

Where is the intersection of logic and emotion? Chris and Maureen discuss the balancing act between the emotional right brain and logical left brain. They talk about Indigo children and overmedicated kids, plus Maureen lays out her three steps to changing mental health.

“The idea is that there’s three steps: we need to stop, meaning to catch ourselves; the second is to calm and center, and the third is to make a smarter choice.” – Maureen Healy

Happiness and Wholeness (28:45)

Maureen shares her smart choices checklist, which helps children learn about mindfulness. Chris brings up the subject of how to talk with kids about the reality of school shootings. They discuss the idea that wholeness is more important than happiness, and how mental health isn’t just some box to check.

“Wholeness is the idea that we can feel all of our feelings, there are no bad feelings, it’s what we do with them. But we don’t ignore them, we don’t suppress them, you experience what you’re feeling and learn how to express it constructively.” – Maureen Healy

Maureen Healy

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