Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 107 – Punk as F##k with Darrell Tauro

Darrell Tauro

The Indie Spiritualist interviews his friend and former bandmate, Darrell Tauro, about music, addiction, recovery, sexuality, and getting punk as f##k.

This episode of The Indie Spiritualist is an interview from 2013 between Chris Grosso and Darrell Tauro, former bandmates from Groundzero. Watch the video version of the interview.

Punk as F##k

Chris and Darrell reminisce about how they met, and the punk and hardcore music scene that brought them together. Darrell describes his first experience smoking pot, and how that propelled him into his ‘punk as f##k’ stage.

“A lot of what drew me to the punk and hardcore bands at the time was just the fact that they would go off and just go crazy. It’s almost like you didn’t hear the noise, you just heard the feeling, if that makes sense.” – Darrell Tauro

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From Novice to Expert (14:16)

Darrell talks about the progression of his drug use, going from novice to expert in less than a year. He and Chris discuss where things started to turn south for their band, and how the drug and alcohol use got out of control. Darrell remembers fearing for Chris’s life.

“I figured you would kill yourself one of these times. I figured you would eventually get into a car accident. You did a lot of traveling for that amount of drinking.” – Darrell Tauro to Chris Grosso

Leaving the Closet (32:32)

Chris asks Darrell about his own descent into alcoholism, which was fueled by his fear of coming out of the closet. Darrell talks about finding freedom when he was finally ready to come out as gay, and the power of sharing his true being. He commends Chris for sharing his own truth in his book, The Indie Spiritualist

“I found freedom to look at life through eyes that aren’t worried about what other people think.” – Darrell Tauro

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Darrell Tauro


Images via The Indie Spiritualist and Pxhere