Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 339 – The Sound of Awakening with Nicholas Petricca

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 339 - The Sound of Awakening with Nicholas Petricca

Nicholas Petricca, lead singer of the rock band Walk the Moon, joins Raghu for a conversation about healing with music, connecting with others and bringing awareness to our suffering.

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The Sound of Awakening

Raghu speaks with Nicholas about music and the origins of Walk The Moon’s hit song, “Shut Up and Dance”. Nicholas shares the influences that have guided him along his spiritual path and how a life-changing experience with ayahuasca affirmed his beliefs about our interconnection and the possibility of using music as medicine.

Seeing Outside Ourselves (15:15)

What is it that has caused the current generations of young people to be more socially aware and engaged than many of the generations before them? Nicholas and Raghu talk about the role of technology in connecting us to the world and more clearly seeing ourselves in the suffering of others. They look at how – in the current age of social distancing and government lockdowns – the connection offered through technology has the potential to erode away our false sense of disconnection.

“Kids that are growing up right now are grounded in a system where knowledge is available to everyone. The hardships of others across the world, outside our immediate environment, can be really present and obvious. So, the need for action and for outreach is becoming more obvious to everyone.” – Nicholas Petricca

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Practicing with the Inner Serpent (27:55)

Nicholas talks about the important role that Kundalini yoga plays in his life. He shares how the practice of Kundalini yoga allowed him to work through his father’s illness and death.

“Kundalini yoga came into my life right when I needed it. Like my ayahuasca experience, the philosophy and practice of Kundalini yoga helped me strengthen the frame through which I was experiencing my father’s passing.”- Nicholas Petricca

Awareness in the Times of Shadow (59:00)

Raghu and Nicholas close with a conversation around bringing awareness to our suffering during difficult times. What happens when we bear witness to our suffering, rather than identifying with what is happening?

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Images via Walk The Moon and LA Yoga