Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 72 – Sarah Marshank

Sarah Marshank joins the show for a conversation about the philosophy of Selfistry and turning our lives into a work of art.

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Show Notes

Being Selfish (Opening) – Sarah Marshank introduces an integrative method for personal development that she has developed called Selfistry. We learn about the struggles and triumphs documented in Sarah’s memoir, Being Selfish: My Journey from Escort to Monk to Grandmother, and how those experiences give birth to the Selfistry method.

“Selfistry is the artistry of the self – so we can find this juicy way of being human. Being selfish is not a very popular thing and yet we are all selfish. So I try to make the distinction between this and what the Dalai Lama calls being wisely selfish, where we can take the time to know our truest selves.” – Sarah Marshank

Listen to Chris’s exploration of the self with Ken Wilber on Ep. 52 of the Indie Spiritualist Podcast.  

Wide Open (24:00) – Chris and Sarah talk about the importance of maintaining an open perspective to all of the teachings available to us. They look at the willingness we need to get uncomfortable and reforge the perceptions we hold about ourselves and the world.

Wild (40:20) – Sarah shares her experience as a personal escort and how that informed her exploration into the balance of masculine and feminine, relationships, intimacy and power.

“I started studying what a gift and honor it is to offer sexual pleasure, just because of the beauty of pure sexual pleasure – no shame, no blame. At that point in my journey, I was really feeling my pure sexual self and the beauty of that. It was just the beauty of being in this sexual form.” – Sarah Marshank

Awake (54:00) – Following a period of retreat, the events of September 11th, 2001 inspired Sarah to get back into the world and offer her self to a world in pain. She shares what those experiences taught her about her most authentic self.

“I took the name Sarah to represent this authentic self that wants to come forward.” – Sarah Marshank

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