Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 57 – Raghunath Cappo

Chris Grosso - The Indie Spiritualist - Ep. 57 - Raghunath Cappo

On this episode of The Indie Spiritualist, Chris is joined by yoga instructor and musician, Raghunath Cappo.

Raghunath Cappo, the former frontman of Youth of Today and Shelter, shares his inspiring journey from punk rocker to yogi.

Show Notes

Two Worlds (Opening) – Raghunath talks about finding the intersection of yoga and punk rock music. He tells the story of how a punk rocker from the lower east side found himself in Beverly Hills teaching yoga all these years later. The two talk about the positive messages found in Raghunath’s old music and how at odds it was with the music scene he came from.

“We got drawn to bands and saw that some of what they were propagating was worse than the mainstream. So we got drawn into things like the cleaner living of yoga.” – Raghunath Cappo

Spiritual Evolution (16:55) – Raghunath shares his decision to evolve his “straight-edge” ideals into a deeper spiritual practice. He and Chris discuss the traps of the ego found along the path to self-improvement. They talk about realizing our gifts and using them for the greater good.

“Whenever you do something for self-betterment, without humility woven into it, we can become incredibly arrogant.” – Raghunath Cappo

Mindful Consumption (23:30) – On the road, Raghunath’s band Shelter was committed to the spiritual traditions learned in India. He describes touring with a Brahmin cook to unsure everything they ate was cooked with purity and love wherever they traveled. This leads into a broader discussion of being mindful of everything we consume.

“It is everything that we consume, not just our mouth, but our ears and our eyes too. Watch the media that we consume or the books we read, because it is creating our consciousness.” – Raghunath Cappo

Yogi Life (36:25) – Raghunath talks about his spiritual path and love of yoga. He shares the struggles of success and loss at an early age and how his yoga practice guided him through it.

Find Raghunath online and keep up with him on Facebook. For more conversation on the intersection of punk rock and spirituality, check out Chris’s conversation with Noah Levine by clicking here.

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Photo via Sherry Sutton