Bunny Michael – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 77 – XO Higher Self

XO Higher Self podcast's, Bunny Michael, answers questions on fear, attachment, relationships, boundaries, & romancing our spirits into the unapologetic beauty of the wholeness of who we are.

XO Higher Self podcast’s, Bunny Michael, answers questions on fear, attachment, relationships, boundaries, & romancing our spirits into the unapologetic beauty of the wholeness of who we are.

Host of the XO Higher Self podcast, Bunny Michael, is a femme presenting non-binary rapper, actor, author, and visual artist best known for their Higher Self meme project on Instagram. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, HuffPost, Paper Magazine, Dazed and Confused, and Vice – where they host a digital show for the Broadly Channel called “Broadly Hotline.” Beyond their transformative books, Love Notes From You Higher Self, and, Me and My #HigherSelf, Bunny also played the role of Bea on Season 2 of HBO’s hit show, “High Maintenance.” Keep up with their upcoming projects at bunnymichael.com.

XO Higher Self: Light of Love Within

In this special episode of the BHNN Guest Podcast, the multi-talented, Bunny Michael, of the vibrant and enlightening XO Higher Self Podcast, graciously offers wisdom on reaching our true self—the awareness of our wholeness. Moving beyond society’s institutionalized hierarchy of worth, Bunny facilitates a space for unlearning limiting beliefs and uncovering the truths inherent within our hearts in service of remembering who we are in our full wholeness, worthiness, safety, and abundance.

“The Higher Self perspective is the light of love within. It’s the part of us that’s untouched by what happens. It’s in the realm of be-ing. You can’t grasp your self-worth simply by intellect because it doesn’t live in the mind, it lives in the heart.” – Bunny Michael

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Romancing the Spirit: Wholeness of Who You Are (4:24)

Answering questions dealing with fear and pain in relation to impermanence, attachments, and relationships, Bunny invites us to leave behind the seductive romance we have with our pain, worry, and negative cycles, and instead inquire about who we are in our totality in the wholeness of now—a romancing of the spirit.

“How do you get to know the wholeness of who you are now? Because I can tell there’s so much more for you to explore. And when you take the time to be intimate with yourself, to have that romance with the soul, to be seduced by your spirit in whatever form speaks to you, you will feel your worth because you will be grounded in the wholeness of who you are.” – Bunny Michael

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Unapologetic Beauty: Boundaries & Safe Spaces (23:06)

Turning to questions regarding coping with painful experiences like bullying in regards to appearance, Bunny offers techniques for opening into our Higher Self’s ever-radiant vantage-point of unapologetic beauty. Encouraging us all to unashamedly bear your purpose, Bunny digs into questions and shares on perception and personality, sensitivity, self-awareness, self-love, patriarchy, chaos, the future, planetary rebirth, self-expression, channeling art, non-judgement, and creating healthy boundaries and safe spaces.

“Love is the ultimate indicator of a boundary because boundaries are created to maintain safe spaces. So, when you approach a conversation from a place of love and non-judgement, i.e. the perspective of your Higher Self, you’re creating a safe space for honesty, compassion, and care.” – Bunny Michael

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