BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 124 – Ram Dass Fellowship: Resonance, Integration & Catharsis with John Forté and Jackie Dobrinska

In a wildly inspirational talk, musician John Forté and holistic educator Jackie Dobrinska discuss resonance, integration & catharsis through the lens of music.

Today’s episode was recorded as part of the Ram Dass Fellowship’s regular online gatherings. To learn more about the Ram Dass Fellowship and sign up to join satsang near you, visit  

Grammy-nominated recording artist, filmmaker, writer, and activist John Forté was first recognized for his work with the multi-platinum hip-hop group The Fugees. Since then, Forté has been involved in a number of creative and advocacy-based projects. As a classically trained hip-hop and pop veteran, Forté blends sleek rhythms and catchy hooks – in the process turning some difficult life experiences into introspective, uplifting music.

Listen now! Click the link to stream John Forté’s new album: Vessels, Angels & Ancestors

Jackie Dobrinska is a beloved holistic health educator, wise woman practitioner, yoga therapist, minister, director of education, and author. Jackie has mentored with some of the world’s preeminent teachers, scholars and visionaries in mind-body health, weaving together wisdom traditions from around the world. She teaches regionally at universities, hospitals, studios, businesses, and national conferences and festivals, passing on the tools that empower individuals in their own health and transformation. In addition to her programs in wellness, yoga, herbs, healthy eating and women’s health, she is the founding director of the Greater Asheville Yoga Association and core staff for SE Wise Women. Learn more at: A Simple Vibrant Life

Self-Growth // Be Here Now

Sometimes it takes falling to rock bottom in order to grow. John Forté tells us the story of being arrested 22 years ago on possession with intent to distribute charges. He felt like after just reaching some success in life, everything crashed down. It was, however, a blessing in disguise. During his time in prison he was able to focus on self-growth. It was while in prison that he first read Be Here Now. In time, John Forté realized the best way to ‘be here now’ is through music.

“The process where art inspires life, life inspires art, for me has always been put into a song. If I really want to talk about it, if I really want to preserve it in the amber of time, put it into a song.” – John Forté

Ancestors // Divine Love (18:06)

We listen to Ancestors by John Forté. Ancestors is a powerful song dedicated to our oneness and to divine love beyond time and space. The resonance in Ancestors is ethereal and grounding at the same time. The song features an excerpt from a Ram Dass talk that reminds us of the beauty of our incarnation.

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Mindful Awareness and Music (30:49)

Practice does not have to be rigid. We do not have to sit with a straight spine meditating for hours. The arts can be a practice as well; expressing ourselves is quite cathartic. John Forté says making music feels hand in hand with mindful awareness. Love is one of the most important aspects for John Forté to remember because it is what helps him integrate practice into music. Holding the vibrational tone of love helps keep us in the right direction.

“Don’t forget the love. That’s the secret sauce here. I can observe the turmoil, the suffering, the joys, the triumphs, but if I don’t have that observation rooted in love then I lose out in a whole lot of why I chose to participate in this experience.” – John Forté

Activism // The Parts That We Play (46:18)

John Forté and Jackie discuss activism and how we are all heroic no matter what part we may play. From the people who make signs, to those who hand out food, to those having difficult conversations with family members, everyone is a hero. Each of us is a piece of a larger movement and we are all right where we need to be. Stay tuned for John Forté’s response to viewer questions. 

“In the presence of grace and grief

the sun rose again we face the east

take a breath, hold it in, release

We are precisely where

we are meant to be.” –  Begin Again by John Forté

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Photo via John Forté