Trudy Goodman – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 18 – Pillars of Practice

In this episode of the Be Here Now Network’s Guest Podcast, Trudy Goodman looks at the three pillars of Buddhist practice.

Show Notes

Pillars of Practice (Opening) – Mindfulness and all Buddhist practices are built on the factors of the Eightfold Path known as sila, samadhi, and prajna. Trudy introduces these three foundational pillars of practice and explains what the study of these factors has to offer our meditation practice.

“Traditionally, in the cultures that these practices emerged from, this was really the foundation that you had to learn. You had to study generosity and all of the precepts we have been learning. You had to be very well versed in this foundation of the practice.” – Trudy Goodman 

Bliss of Blamelessness (7:40) – Sila represents the aspects of goodness on the Eightfold Path: right speech, right action, right livelihood. Trudy reflects on the quality of fearlessness and pure-heartedness that these qualities cultivate in us.

“When there is no regret or remorse in the mind our thinking gets more skillful. We begin to be able to do what the Buddha instructed us to do – to contemplate our Sila and think of the good things that you have done.” – 

A Living Practice (14:45) – Samadhi represents the aspect of mindfulness and concentration. We look at how mindfulness allows us to see with great tenderness, compassion and attention.

“Samadhi is made up of the mindfulness and concentration. The being with our breath and remembering that we have a lifelong companion in our breath.” – Trudy Goodman 

Wisdom of the One (25:35) The final pillar, prajna, represents the branches of wisdom on the Eightfold Path. Trudy shares stories that exemplify the wisdom cultivated by practice.

“When there is nothing bothering us and we are mindful –  inside and outside become one.” – Trudy Goodman 

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