Omid Safi – Sufi Heart – Ep. 2 – Sacredness of Love

Omid Safi - Sufi Heart - Ep. 2 - Sacredness of Love

In this episode of the Sufi Heart Podcast, Omid explores teachings from the Sufi tradition about the sacredness of love, transcending the ego and finding God’s presence in every moment.

Links from this episode: Ahmad Ghazali | Abu Hamid al-Ghazali | Abraham Joshua Heschel

Show Notes

The Sacredness of Love (Opening) – Omid shares the life of the 12th-century mystic Ahmad Ghazali, who wrote the first complete book on the concept of radical love. He looks at the Quran’s teachings on hubb (loving-kindness) and the sacredness of the seeds of love that we are encouraged to sow in the world.

“There is a way in which the extraordinary has become mundane to us. There is a way that our senses have become dull to the wonder that we see around. There is a way in which we have to learn to wonder again. We have to see the miraculous in the everyday, to weep at the mystery that is the sunrise.” – Omid Safi

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God, a Soul and a Moment (7:05) – We look at the everpresent nature of God that exists in every moment. Omid examines the how the mystics of the Sufi tradition envision the nature of God’s love, one which transcends all barriers and limitations.

“There is a reason why this podcast about radical love is on a Network called Be Here Now, it’s not Be There Now; It’s not that salvation and enlightenment and illumination are somehow there, they are here, right where you are.” – Omid Safi

Beyond the Ego (14:30) – We all have our measures of ego and self-centeredness that keeps us isolated from one another that can be curbed with an open heart. Omid speaks about the quality of love that allows us to move beyond the bounds of the ego.

Masters of Love (19:55) – Omid discusses the story of Ahmad Ghazali’s older brother, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali. How does one of the most respected scholars of his time lose his faith in everything, only to re-emerge as a mystic and living example of the sacredness and power of radical love?

“Radical love was at the heart of what it meant to be a person of faith in this Medieval Islamic society. The great masters of love were our most prized scholars in our most prestigious public institutions. When we think about this society, we have to imagine a society where love is public. Where radical love stands up in the middle of the society, bubbles over and calls us to become one with God.” – Omid Safi