Spring Washam – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 45 – The Wisdom of Inclusion

In this dharma talk, Spring Washam explores the important role of community, or Sangha, in our spiritual practice, and the wisdom that can be found in inclusion.

Taking Refuge

What do you take refuge in when times get tough? Spring talks about what it means to take refuge in the Buddha and the dharma, two of the Three Jewels of Buddhism.

“That’s all we’re ever doing here, is coming together and reminding each other of the dharma, reminding each other of our goodness.” – Spring Washam 

The Third Jewel (6:55)

Spring reflects on the Third Jewel of Buddhism, refuge in the Sangha, or community. She talks about how this concept is often underemphasized in Western Buddhist practices, but it’s a critical part of walking the spiritual path. 

 “We want to be the wisdom. We want to help other people. That’s kind of what happens when you practice, you naturally begin to move into service.” – Spring Washam

Ram Dass explores community and the spiritual quest on Here and Now Ep. 42
The Wisdom of Inclusion (20:31)

Spring shares a few more thoughts around Sangha, including how the enlightened community is what will help us transform the world. She ends with a story from her past about trying to love all beings and the wisdom of inclusion.

“If you really want to get on the spiritual path, get naked, because that’s really what you have to do. You can’t hide all the stuff here and grow. We actually have to expose all of our thoughts and views. How wonderful! Expose yourself to yourself, and then let go.” – Spring Washam