Spring Washam – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 42 – Buddhas in the World

Spring Washam shares a talk that reminds us of our Buddha-nature and how we each can walk as Buddhas in the world.

Uncovering What Is

What does it mean to wake up to our Buddha-nature? Spring Washam looks to the teachings around the state of mind that exists within each of us.

“The Buddha said that we are sitting on this gold, but we don’t know it. We spend our lives toiling, not knowing the inheritance that we have. So, who are we really?” – Spring Washam 

You Are Not Your Experiences (8:45)

Who are you really? Spring shares her own story of coming to understand that there was more to her identity than the small sense of self that is shaped by her experiences. She looks at how understanding our Buddha-nature can bring our lives into balance.

“When we don’t know who we are, we harm ourselves and other people. I have seen that in my own life and in others. This confusion over who we are leads to tremendous suffering. Greed hatred and delusion take us over. We don’t understand our own interconnectedness – our own divinity.” – Spring Washam 

Buddhas in the World (20:20)

How can we, like the Buddha, live our lives for the betterment of others? Spring looks at the role of Bodhisattva. At the opportunity that always exists for us to dedicate every action to the inner liberation of others.

“The Bodhisattva path is a profound one. We are all Bodhisattvas because we are here (practicing the Dharma). To make the intention to take it out in the world – to be a change in the world – is something different. Even having the aspiration for your practice to be for the benefit of all beings is incredibly profound.” – Spring Washam   

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