Sharon Salzberg – Metta Hour – Ep. 06 – Foundations of Forgiveness


Foundations of Forgiveness

Through Loving Kindness we sense our deep connection to the world around us. From that awareness arises compassion, which recognizes suffering, on all levels, and responds accordingly. Loving kindness doesn’t seek to label or define the qualities or emotions that it addresses. It simply comes as an offering, in the form of forgiveness

Metta (Loving Kindness) – The acknowledgement of our deep connection to one another. It is resilient and all inclusive – Everybody gets to play

Compassion (Companion to Loving Kindness) – ‘Love which recognizes suffering’ – The tenderness that resonates and responds. We move towards it without becoming consumed by it – Requires a delicate balance

How Do We Listen? (With genuine presence)

The Momentary Nature of Transformation (How do we get back?) The moments aren’t inconsequential just because they don’t last – We can always come back

Forgiveness (Not Amnesia) – It simply recognizes the potential for change – It’s a process that allows us to meet, with active presence

– Remorse vs. Guilt – Remorse can bring change, whereas guilt is often a self-defeating cycle

– Compassion is Key – ‘If we really loved ourselves, we’d never harm another’

– From Seeing Love to Being Love – Practice gives us the opportunity to breathe life into our very being


Stuff from this episode:

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