Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 30 – Sacred Music Series: Elizabeth Hart

Melanie Moser - Shakti Hour - Ep. 30 - Sacred Music Series: Elizabeth Hart

In this episode of the Shakti Hour Sacred Music Series, Melanie speaks with Elizabeth Hart, from the bands Psychic Ills and Tierra del Fuego, about the inspired music of Luzmila Carpio and deepening our connection to spirit through music.

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Show Notes

Effortless Joy (Opening) – Elizabeth Hart shares the early life of Bolivian singer Luzmila Carpio. She and Melanie reflect on Luzmila’s embodiment of nature and joy, which serves as a reminder of the qualities missing from much of modern life.

“When Luzmila was a child she would go around with her mom and she learned traditional Aymara and Quechua from the Andes. She would imitate the sounds of bird melodies which became the tone of her voice. She sang to preserve the culture and to show that an indigenous subordinate group of people also had a voice and something to say.” – Elizabeth Hart  

A Gentle Reminder of Love (12:45) – Melanie and Elizabeth talk about the Luzmila’s gentle message of love and compassion. They discuss the desensitized lives so many of us walk through, which requires the softer and more subtle variety of reminders that Luzmila shares with the world, and look at the practices which allow us to cultivate a heart of loving-kindness for all beings.

In Communion with Sacred Music (32:00) – We look at the communion with the Divine that occurs through musical practice. Elizabeth and Melanie talk about Luzmila’s sacred connection to spirit and the role of intention behind this connection.

“There is so much communicated through that action of wanting to embody another being’s experience and share that with others.” – Melanie Moser


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