RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 103 – Emotional Freedom

Using mindful awareness and compassion, RamDev walks listeners through the pathways to emotional freedom.

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“There comes a point in spiritual practice where suffering becomes grace.” – RamDev

This time on Healing at the Edge, Ram Dev looks into:
  • Using emotions to dive into deeper parts of ourselves
  • Peeling through the layers of emotions
  • Ways to be with our emotions
  • Being with our sensations without getting lost in the story
  • Love and the ability to forgive
  • I am afraid versus I have fear
  • Creating space between the emotion and the one who observes
  • The superego (our inner judge, jury, and executioner)
  • Embodied mindfulness and compassion
  • Having compassion for our emotional demons
  • Tantra and all emotions as awakened energy
  • Turning obstacles into practice and presence
  • The benefits of anxiety, anger, and sadness
  • The sacred nature of all experiences

“With attention, with being centered, we move from being reactive to a place where we can be with an emotion without either automatically pushing it away or automatically getting lost in that.” – RamDev