Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 113 – Wrestling with Uncertainty

Wrestling with Uncertainty

Ram Dass is joined by Raghu Markus for a conversation about wrestling with difficulties and uncertainty.

From dogma to physical suffering to our own Dharma, Ram Dass and Raghu talk about wrestling with our difficulties and overcoming them through practice.

Show Notes

Seeing God (Opening) – Ram Dass and Raghu reflect on a letter written by Krishna Das to Raghu many years ago. The letter describes a conversation between Maharaj-ji and K.C. Tewari about seeing God. Ram Dass reflects on Maharaj-ji’s teaching that God manifests in everything.

“It comes from grace. Man can not demand it or see with mortal eyes, but if you look at the lofty mountains, or the rolling sea, or the vast sky and think that the Lord made this, it is all his projection, then you can see.” – Maharaj-ji

Our Senses (10:30) – Our senses, which let us take in the majesty of God in everything, are like a double-edged sword. The two discuss how our senses can both trap and free us.

“Our senses are obstacles to knowing who we are.” – Ram Dass

Sadhana and the Soul (15:00) – Sadhana (spiritual practice) helps us identify with our soul, instead of our ego. Ram Dass discusses the differences between our soul and ego and shares his practice for getting back to the soul.

“The soul has love; has compassion; has peace; has joy. The soul has all that you are missing and you have got to get back to it.”

Friendly Reminders (23:50) – Ram Dass shares how he embraces the incredible physical suffering that his body endures throughout the day. He talks about the waves of pain being friendly reminders that he is still limited in his own body and that it is his karma to take care of the body that he has.
India Within (31:50) – A person does not need to go to the East to find their Guru like Ram Dass did. The two discuss aligning ourselves with our Dharma and finding the Guru within.
Being Happy (38:40) – Ram Dass and Raghu discuss finding the happiness that exists within by fulfilling our Dharma.

“Your Dharma is to be happy. Your happiness is inside and that happiness is radiated to the culture. That truly is what social action is.”

Wrestling with Ourselves (45:00) – Ram Dass describes a recent solstice ceremony he attended on Maui led by a woman who embodied the kind of unconditional love given by Maharaj-ji. He shares how he is still wrestling with the fact that he never felt that kind of love until he met Maharaj-ji.

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Image via  Svetlana Lukienko