Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 95 – Plumbing the Depths of the Mystery

Depths of the Mystery

Ram Dass talks about the value and limits of psychedelics – when they can enhance the spiritual path, helping us plumb the depths of the mystery, and when there can be risks.

From ancient times there has been the idea of an elixir sometimes called Soma and the use of natural herbs to effect spiritual transformation. The experience that humans have is the ability to see the universe from a different vantage point. By plumbing the depths of the mystery, we can experience the deeper part of our beings that lie behind the thinking mind. Our monitoring system gets turned off so we can have a completely fresh view.

“When I broke through, what I saw was the reality I thought was real was only relatively real- not absolutely real. What happened to my mind was a shift in consciousness.” 

When the boundaries break down we begin to see the inter-relatedness of everything. We see the way in which it’s all connected- the mystery that lies behind the apparent phenomena. These psychedelics give us an inner validity to our intuitive voice. Ram Dass talks about the original playbook laid out in the early days on set and setting when taking entheogens.