Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 182 – Excerpts on Social Responsibility

In this dharma talk from 1969, Ram Dass explores social responsibility, protesting, and the money trip, plus he details the origins of Be Here Now and gets us drunk on the love of God.

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Social Responsibility 

Ram Dass dives into the topic of social responsibility and how it’s not something that should be done out of guilt. But with so much suffering in the world, what else could we possibly do with this incarnation? He cautions us about the peculiar predicament of social responsibility and activism, how it can create an ‘us versus them’ mentality.  

“When a person gives, they suck you into a contract of receiving. And for giving and receiving to occur, there have to be two of us.” – Ram Dass

The Money Trip (24:00)

As long as we think we’re doing something, most of the time we’re doing the exact opposite. Ram Dass explores the art of protesting, not acting with attachment, and the importance of being here now. He brings up the money trip and how it affects him in his daily life. He talks about a book project he’s been working on, which turns out to be the genesis of Be Here Now.

“The rule of the game is so simple: desire creates the universe. If you want to live in a loving universe, you become a loving human being.” – Ram Dass

Ram Dass talks more about protesting and the importance of inner social action on Here and Now Ep. 137
Drunk of the Love of God (46:20)

Ram Dass talks about how there are different methods of awakening, and each of us has a particular method that’s in harmony with our karma at that moment. He introduces the method of Kirtan, singing the names of God and exploring what it is like to get drunk on the love of God.

“The game is don’t be the singer, just let it happen through you. And if you don’t feel it happening through you, you don’t sing, Nobody’s counting.” – Ram Dass

Photo via Love Serve Remember Foundation