Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 148 – Krishna and the Seeker

ram dass krishna

Ram Dass invokes Lord Krishna as he discusses divine love versus worldly love, then leads a guided meditation where the seeker and guru become one.

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Heart of a Gopi

Ram Dass prefaces his guided meditation by talking about reaching the one through the devotional path of the love of God in the form of Krishna. He reads from a book called The Heart of a Gopi as he discusses the many faces of love. 

“It is not thy body that I love, it is thy soul, and all the goodness, and sweetness, and strength thereof.” – The Heart of a Gopi

Rest in Your Being (24:55)

Ram Dass begins the meditation with a call to bring awareness to your body and personality. Let each breath bring you more into your body, and feel your way into yourself.

“Hold no model of how it ought to be other than the way it is; allow for the moment to be what it is.” – Ram Dass

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The Seeker (31:18)

Ram Dass leads a guided meditation where you are a seeker of truth looking for an enlightened being, a guru. He reads from Swami Rama Tirtha and ends the meditation by sharing the grace of the moment with all beings who are suffering.

“Experience the quietness at the core of your being. Experience the non-clinging quality that allows everything to be here, but nothing to be held on to. Experience your heart as liquid, flowing energy that is compassion.” – Ram Dass

ram dass krishna

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