Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 141 – Practice Makes Perfect

Ram Dass - Here and Now - Ep. 141 - Practice Makes Perfect

Ram Dass shares a reflection on the different kinds of spiritual practice available to us and looks at how they each offer the potential to liberate or keep us trapped in our egos.

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A Practice Of Liberation

How do we get free of the traps of our attachments and aversions? Ram Dass looks at the way that spiritual practice can liberate us from the cycle of karma. He explores the many practices available and offers guidance on choosing the practice best for us as we are.

“Each of us is the manifestation of a unique karmic predicament that has to do with balances of mind and heart and energies. It has to do with the whole web of attachments and attractions and aversions of our mind. What practice do you do to get free?” – Ram Dass

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Letting Go (30:25)

Can the phenomena that arise with spiritual practice become just another trap for the ego? Ram Dass discusses the potential for these experiences of joy and peace to entangle us as well as liberate us.

“Ulitimately the grabbing at enlightenment is a trap. Yet you aim there and you yern. Finally you realize that you can’t grab. You develop a certain type of patience as you come into timelessness – whats the rush? Where are you going anyway?” – Ram Dass

Listening To The Moment (39:10)

Ram Dass looks at the inherent wisdom that exists in each of us. Wisdom that bubbles the surface as we quiet the mind through practice. He closes with a reflection on the integral relationship between personality and spiritual practices.

“There is no dishonor in working with personality stuff. The only thing is that it is like the garden of infinite delight. It is very seductive. You have to balance it with very deep spiritual practice in order not to get sucked in.” – Ram Dass

Ram Dass - Here and Now - Ep. 141 - Practice Makes Perfect

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