Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 13 – Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Fast forward from 1974 to the present-day – though the year has changed, the questions asked of Ram Dass during this recording of the ‘Love Serve Remember’ box set are as relevant as ever.

Fast Forward

Raghu Markus introduces this questions and answers session from the ‘Love Serve Remember’ boxed set of LPs that was made in 1974. Though this was from the time of Nixon and Watergate, you can fast forward all these years and the questions asked of Ram Dass are just as pertinent today.

“Although there are references that are dated, the questions are extraordinarily relevant.” – Raghu Markus

Money and Spirituality (11:10)

Ram Dass answers questions about the intersection of money and spirituality, the ideas of good and evil, and using incarceration as a time to awaken. He talks about taking a more dispassionate view of suffering in order to help relieve it, rather than add to it.

“You learn more and more that acts, per se, are neither good or evil, but rather the attachments of the people that are performing the acts that determine whether they are good or evil. It’s not the people that are good or evil, it’s the attachments that are good or evil.” – Ram Dass

The Awakened Heart Blog interviews David Nichtern about Right Livelihood, Money, and Poverty Mentality
Love, Serve, Remember (26:58)

Ram Dass answers questions about dealing with the mass suffering going on in the world, and what it truly means to love, serve, and remember. He talks about why these three instructions, which were given to him by his guru, are so foundational to his spiritual path.

“You’re listening to how you can serve the god in every human being, not necessarily the worldly illusion that each person is caught in.” – Ram Dass

Fast Forward


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