Ram Dass Here and Now – Ep. 92 – Creating Our Universe

Creating Our Universe

In this talk, Ram Dass explores the way in which we experience everything as a free choice but in some way, it’s part of a determined law.

You have a choice of identifying with your incarnate creation (your body, personality, social entity) or You as the creator (God that resides within each one of us) of that creation. So, if creating our universe is possible, why not start now?

Ram Dass brings up a meeting he had with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche during which Rinpoche said to him, “We have to accept responsibility,” to which Ram Dass replied, “God has all the responsibility,” and Rinpoche replied, “Ram Dass, you are copping out.”

The creative spark – that’s what is responsible. We accept that we are part of the One, and that we are in fact creating our universe.

“Well if I can’t stop thinking, maybe I can just let my thoughts go by without getting all caught up in them.  Feel the breeze on your face or your neck?  See how it’s going by?  You’re not all hung up with it.  You don’t have to see where each breeze goes.  You don’t have to look quickly to see if it hit those trees over there.  It’s breezes, and they’re just going by.  Make your thoughts like those breezes, those little breezes…just going by.”


Photo via MoVille