Ram Dass Here and Now – Ep. 84 – Smorgasborg


Ram Dass takes a number of questions on how to navigate our paths in life. He talks about how to deal with fear and sit with it, watching our reactivity, wanting to create resistance against what we are afraid of. Allow yourself to notice the resistance and keep softening, embrace it into yourself. The resistance against something makes the fear more intense. See the fear as a process that comes out of conditioning and identification.

Ram Dass talks about “out of body” experiences and suggests that one does not preoccupy oneself with what the experience is. It’s more about what the experience is offering in terms of a deeper understanding that one can use in personal growth.

Remember, the intellect wants to know it knows. Intuitively, one can feel the validity of the experience and that validity colors our future life.

“Grief hurts and it’s alright. That’s part of our human process. But in the mean time while all that is going on, cultivate that part of you that witnesses the whole process… just notice it, understanding it too will pass… but don’t make it pass too soon.”

Photo via Tursunbaev Ruslan