Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 131 – Navigating the Journey

Ram Dass - Here and Now - Ep. 131 - Navigating the Journey

In this episode of the Here and Now Podcast, Ram Dass and Raghu answer questions from members of the community around some of the difficulties and roadblocks we encounter while navigating our journey of awakening.

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Show Notes

The Movie of “Me” (Opening) – Every day we inevitably wake up to to the movie of “me,” the ongoing self-centered narrative that we identify so closely with. Ram Dass shares how he puts distance between the soft chatter of the ego and howling pains of the body by entering the place of the witness.

“My body is 87, with all its aches and pains. I don’t identify with my body. I’m inside and I am infinite. I’m a soul and I watch the whole drama of my body, my personality and my ego. The witness, which is part of the soul, I identify with that rather than all the drama.” – Ram Dass

Keeping the Faith (9:30) – What is the source that sustains Ram Dass’s faith in the Divine? RD talks about the role that Maharaj-ji plays in his faith and discusses the soul to soul interaction with divine presence that anyone can have. He and Raghu share how moments of encountering divine presence can provide a foundation of faith that is always available for refuge.

“I used to consider myself as captain of the ship, but now I think of Maharaj-ji of the captain of the ship, of my ship. When I have problems and bad times, I turn to him and I find myself talking to him and then relaxing from the fact that he is going to fix my mind about the problem.” – Ram Dass  

Breaking the Cycle (22:00) – Ram Dass answers a question that revolves around addiction, working with our karma and the revelatory nature of meditation.

Robert Thurman joins Raghu for a conversation about facing reality, transforming our reactivity and understanding karma on Ep. 239 of the Mindrolling Podcast 

Identity and Relationships (29:00) – How do we deal with problematic relationships as we awaken? Is it ok to ”release” ourselves from these relationships with people who we now have trouble relating to? Ram Dass looks at the forgiveness and love that is needed in these relationships and shares strategies for cultivating stronger relationships as our spiritual journey unfolds.

 “Love compassion, wisdom, peace and joy are all in you. When you sit down and identify with your being, not your doing, you will find all these things in you and you will radiate joy and love. Then those who have been hard to relate to, you will mirror their souls and they will just be souls.” – Ram Dass

Action and Letting Go (39:30) – How do we know when it is our duty to take action or if we should let things be? Ram Dass offers advice for listening to our intuition and mindfully engaging in social action.

Mindful Parenting (47:20) – How and when does a parent help their child to find their way spiritually? We close the episode with a chant of Sri Ram Jai Ram.

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Image by Lakshman Moss via  BabaRamDass on Instagram